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 Mano Deck 5 Dark Graveyard

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PostSubject: Mano Deck 5 Dark Graveyard   Fri Aug 27, 2010 10:55 am

Synchro (15)

Ally Of Justice - Castator (1x)
Black Rose Dragon (1x)
Brionac, Dragon Of The Ice Barrier (1x)
Dark End Dragon (2x)
Goyo Guardian (1x)
Stardust Dragon (2x)
X-Saber Urbellum (1x)
Magical Android (1x)
Colossal Fighter (1x)
Psychic Lifetrancer (1x)
Red Dragon Archfiend (1x)
Though Ruler Archfiend (1x)
Mist Wurn

Monster (23)

Krebon (2x)
The Dark Creator (1x)
Dark Nephthys (1x)
Dark Armed Dragon (1x)
Caius The Shaddow Monarch (1x)
Ally Of Justice - Cyclone Creator (1x)
Armageddon Knight (3x)
Darklord Zerato (1x)
Necro Gardna (1x)
PLaguespreafer Zombie (1x)
Tragoedia (1x)
Gorz The Emissaire Of Darkness (1x)
Phantom Of Chaos (1x)
Sprit Reaper (1x)
Battle Fader (1x)
Breaker The Magical Warrior (1x)
Snipe Hunter (1x)
Sangan (1x)
Giant Germ (3x)

Spell (11)

Allure Of Darkness
Mystic Plasma Zone (2x)
My Body As A Sheild (1x)
Heavy Storm (1x)
Burial From A Differant Dimension (1x)
Monster Reincarnation (1x)
Foolish Burial (1x)
Emergency Teleport (1x)
Brain Control (1x)
Hand Destruction (1x)

Trap Card (7)

Bottomless Trap Hole (2x)
Call Of The Haunted (1x)
Torrential Tribute (1x)
Mirror Force (1x)
Solemn Judgment (1x)
Starlight Road (1x)

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Mano Deck 5 Dark Graveyard
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