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 Plasma-Valley Turbo

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Avenging Knight

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PostSubject: Plasma-Valley Turbo   Wed May 11, 2011 5:55 pm

Here's the list of cards:

Monsters (21):

-Cyber Valley x2
-Chaos Sorcerer x1
-D.D Crow x1
-Psychic Commander x2
-Plaguespreader x1
-Cyber Dragon x1
-Treeborn Frog x1
-Marshmallon x1
-Dandylion x1
-Effect Veiler x2
-DaD x1
-Stratos x1
-D-Hero Plasma x1
-Legendary Jujitsu master x2
-Dark Grepher x1
-Malicious x2

Spells (12):

-Allure of Darkness x1
-Destiny Draw x1
-Pot of Duality x2
-Monster Reborn x1
-Emergency Teleport x1
-Foolish Burial x1
-Mystical Space Typhoon x2
-RotA x1
-Scapegoat x1
-One for One x1

Traps (7):

-Return from the different dimension x1
-Mirror Force x1
-Call of the Haunted x1
-Bottomless trap hole x2
-Torrential Tribute x1
-Solemn Judgement/Warning (can't decide) x1

Side Deck (15):

-System Down x2
-Mind Control x1
-Effect Veiler x1
-Snipe Hunter x1 (for clearing the field and disposing of dead draws)
-D.D. Crow x2
-Prohibition x2
-Lava Golem x2
-Trade-In x1
-Burial from a different dimension x1
-Book of Moon x1

Extra Deck (15):

are mainly splashable ones such as Stardust, however I do have Naturia
Beast and Barkion in it. I also have Chimeratech Fortress x1 in case I
end up playing against machines.

Now, Im just gonna tell you the main strategy: Use Valley for draw power in conjunction with either Tokens or other monsters (most preferably Special Summoned Malicious, Plaguespreader or Frog). Get as many monsters removed and then use return from the different dimension to summon removed from play monsters. I'm using Judgment instead of Warning just because of that, however, I might add a Dark Bribe or Seven Tools in. In addition to the strategy written above, I use Plasma to eliminate monster effects. This usually helps a lot against Gadgets or Gladiators. So post your comments here as I still need improvements.

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Plasma-Valley Turbo
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