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 akaFila's Office

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Arc Tester
Arc Tester

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PostSubject: akaFila's Office   Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:06 pm

You want a test bro? Come on into my office of testing amazingness...And by office of testing amazingness, I mean cardboard box. Lovely ain't it?

In my test, you will be tested on a grade of 1-10 in a total of five categories. In this manner, the highest ending points you can have is 50, with the lowest being 0 of course. The five categories are as follows

Deck Build: A measurement of your deck building skills and card choices. Basic stuff.

Strategy: You're playing strategy and whatnot is taken to account here. The better moves you make, and the more sense your plays make in suit to each other, the more points earned. Simple really.

Ruling Knowledge: I doubt this needs explaining.

Card Knowledge: Same as before. Just general knowledge for any player really.

Control/Skill: The more control you maintain in the three duels of the match will bring the points here traveling higher up. By winning the matches, each game win insures a guarantied 2 points. Win all three and POOF! You got 6 points already; the control points to be added still. In turn, losing a game will result in a lose of 1 point from the final total of this section.

*Bonus*: A bonus will be a possibility as well, ranging from -3 to 3 points as I see fit. Now the bonus can go either way. Piss me off, negative points for you. Make me happy, positive for you. Of course, there's no promise there is to be any sort of added or subbed points anyway.

Now that what you'll be graded in is cleared up, now for how the test will go down. Each test will consist of three duels, each on involving new decks for both players. As this isn't a normal match, the loser of the game doesn't get the free option to choose first or second next turn. Each round is started with R.P.S as usual games start.

Sounds fun don't it? bounce

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PostSubject: Re: akaFila's Office   Wed Mar 28, 2012 10:05 am

hahaha nice one gratz becoming tester imao you sure wanted to make it look amazing xD

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akaFila's Office
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